Top 10 Action/Fantasy/Romance/Adventure Anime Of 2016 (Winter,Spring Seasons)

Duration : 05:52
Description : Hey otaku bros new video here now about mixed anime genres action/romance/adventure/fantasy anime from 2016.. Some of you wanted this list so i made it! :) Also this list cointains winter and spring seasons only from 2016. I hope that you'll like it and that you'll agree with it and if so hit like ^^ For better quality of video put it into 720p HD Thanks for your support we have just reached 24000 subscribers! :) So stay tuned until friday for more anime content! Thumbnail:Divine Gate Intro song:Bleach op 13 Songs that play through video are:Alan Walker:Energy,DJ Walkzz - Dennis 2014 [K-391 Style] All credits to his channel which you can find by clicking this link:

Format 3GP/MP4 .


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